We have been using clay pots domestically for twenty thousand years. In parallel, we have been using written symbols to communicate with one another. 

From 150 AD, runes in Old Norse were one of the earliest forms of writing. These Germanic/Anglo Saxon letters developed into Early English.

Kate Vogler and I have collaborated to make ceramic vessels which reveal the beauty, form and meaning of those ancient words. Needlelace runes, carefully chosen for the meaning they express when combined into words, have been impressed into damp clay, then removed. The pots were smoke fired, as they would have been in the past, and colour enhancing each word added.

So, the Runic upheofen, meaning ‘lofty heaven’/ ‘sky’ had the uplifting colours of the sky added to the textured and burnished surface.

The chosen words are:

Morgenleoht – dawn


Stille – calm


Glomyng – gloaming


Upheofen – lofty heaven / sky


Wedercandel – sun


A group of three of the runic vessels.