On the 15th of every month for a year, I took photographs and recorded the sounds around me. In the main, these memories were of the sea and my home surroundings in Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast. However, on two of the dates (which I hope are obvious!) I was in the beautiful Euganean Hills in the Veneto, Italy.

I selected from what I had recorded and then, for each month, made a postcard-sized piece of bobbin lace. The colours and threads were chosen to reflect the visual detail while the ‘horizon’ in each case was the pattern of the soundwave recorded. I then combined the monthly sounds to make one, longer experience: one month blending into another. The lace pieces were individually mounted on traditional lace pricking card and were then laced together in much the same manner as Jacquard weaving cards. It was intended that the viewer could listen to the recording while looking at the lace but this was prevented in the Handa exhibition by COVID regulations. Here, I have reconstructed the images and sounds so that they can be experienced together once more.

Please press Play whilst making sure that the button on the furthest left below is ready to go. Then it should all work out!