With a limp!

Beautiful May day after cold, damp, cloudy weather for days.

More cars at the start of the walk.

Change of colours since the last walk – particularly the mature willows.

Crops growing – rape almost finished flowering.

Sound and smell of cutting grass.

More habitation on this walk.

More variation in the flowers – both types and colours. Hawthorn beautiful white against green.

Less acid green, lots more white and purple.

Cows grazing near Cley on the marshland.

Sound of buzzing insects new on this walk.

Lots of aircraft noise this time.

Left lanes and walked narrow footpaths.

Striking Scots pines near the coast.

Affluent gardens near Balkeney (including one with a helicopter in the garden!

Can’t see the sea from the small lanes!

Apple blossom – huge flowers, beautiful.

Church more affluent in contrast to Wiveton and Glandford. Doors to the church open and people inside, again different form the peace of before. how funny, with all my past and present links with Sweden to find Saint Bridget of Sweden in one of the stained glass windows.

Like Cley, the church is no longer at the heart of the village and nowhere near the sea, the source of past wealth.

Walking the field edges gives another perspective, fantastic views over ‘not flat’ Norfolk!


Still limping at the end – but I did it.