A wonderful walk, starting with slightly grey mist but finishing in bright sunlight.

Huge difference in colour since the first walk – Spring is ‘busting out all over’! Only 12 days difference.

Calm, birdsong, smells – sewage farm, cigarette smoke of a walker, two bonfires burning

Why can’t I identify the different birdsongs? – Changed as we walked through different habitats

Bright green buds breaking through

Huge growth in the verges

The ford! So much deeper that expected, 4 x 4s only even though is has been dry.

Still no lambs

Crops growing through in cultivated fields – very green again

Difference in tone between evergreen and deciduous trees

Beautiful setting for the church on higher ground

Estate village (and the church) restored or built in the 19th century with traditional brick, flint and pantiles. Very Norfolk vernacular!

Still daffodils out but now also daisies, dandelions, periwinkles and stray greater periwinkles.

Church a 19th century gem. Heard the bells – they ring tunes at 9,12, 3 and 6 everyday!

Carving of self-portraits of the two carvers for the restoration very subtly placed on pews at the back of the church, easily missed

Faces of the painted figures and the glorious red

The Dutch style chandeliers, still with candles, that reminded me of van Eyck’s Arnolfini double portrait.