A different sort of day – the weather started out rather muggy with high cloud but the sun did come out in the end.

Much more traffic – half term?

More sign of Man – cars, tractors, a strimmer, lawnmowers, crop irrigation sprayers and the light plane that was amazingly persistent as we walked over Salthouse Heath!

Smells of grass, water on plants, cigarette from a passing car.

Birds less obvious for much of the walk – are they now busy at activities other than attracting a mate? Skylarks again over the fields and heath though.

Crop watering in evidence together with the many Kelling Estate Private and Keep Out signs – very ‘managed’ land. Looking for poppies but only saw a very few – the cereal crops looked thoroughly sprayed, including the verges. But there were many other flowers along the way if you paused to really look.

Beautiful dog roses – must return in the autumn to see the hips. Nettles now high but so are the docks.

No sign of the sea.

This church nestled in huge trees so much less seen from afar.

Many different grasses along the track edge as we approached the church. Crops turning already.

Little church, stranded away from the village again though near the centre of the estate. Wonderful blue on the ceiling over the altar.

‘Relict’ again on a tombstone.

Our last walk, but we will do more! Such changes, particularly over the 4 done in quick succession – a single week apart but so much more dramatic change than I would have anticipated.