'The Swing', Fragonard, 1763, Wallace Collection, London

‘The Swing’, Fragonard, 1767, Wallace Collection, London

This is an exhibition organised by Norfolk Contemporary Crafts Society (www.norfolkcraft.co.uk) in which I am exhibiting a new piece of work. The exhibition runs from 12.06.2016 to 28.08.2016. Since I am making a piece to hang outside, this long duration presents certain challenges!

My piece, at present at the making stage, is inspired both by the rose gardens at Mannington Hall, Norfolk and by Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’.  It will be a ‘swing’ made of lace reflecting the intimacy, delicacy and colours of both the painting and the environment of the Heritage Rose Garden. Please come and see it together with lots of other exciting work by other members of the Society.